Saturday, 28 June 2014

Benefit They're Real push-up liner review

Yesterday I went back to Huddersfield to hand some work in for term 3 even though its not marked work but anyway I now have the rest of the summer to do whatever I want and not think about work which is such a good feeling! I spent the rest of the day with my friend Mia (you can take a look at her blog here: ) and we wandered around town but for most of it we were looking in Boots. I bought lunch in there and ended up getting a voucher with my receipt to get a free Benefit They're Real push-up liner which doesn't come out officially until today. So I went up to the Benefit counter and asked about it. All I had to do was have a free consultation where the girl at the counter tried the liner on me.  
These are photos of when the Benefit counter girl put it on me, I liked the way it looked and it stayed on well and I even had a bit of trouble getting it off. She had put on a bit thicker line than I usually do but it looked nice.

This is the sample I got given, on the packaging it claims it draws an easy line and has a smooth, lash-hugging application. I couldn't wait to try putting it on myself because it sounded so easy.

This is the packaging of the sample

Above are the photos of today when I tried putting it on myself. I think it looks good and it was quite easy to use after I realised not to push up too much product. I like that it is a gel liner as these stay on much better and I think I would get better at using it with practise but obviously it would be a lot easier if the product was full size because there would be more of a pen to hold onto. It retails for £18.50 which is around the same price as the other They're real products and I think it would definitely be worth it if you love wearing eye liner and like trying out new ones. I think I may buy it when I have saved up or ask for it for christmas because as a student I don't buy higher end make up that often.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

This weeks nails

So this weeks nail were inspired by a blog post I saw. It is a very simple design where you just use two colour across the tips of your nails. You could use sellotape to get a clear line but I just did it free hand and I don't think it turned out too bad. Hope you like it...

Ii used two blue colours but you could use any two colours that go together. I also added some glitter where the two colour meet but you don't have to.

Products I used:
Natural Collection - Peach manicure

Tanya Burr - Little duck

Models own Artstix Duo polish - Blue Maldives and Sea Spray

Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat 

Naked 3 look: 2

Time for another Naked 3 make up look. I went out last friday night so my look was darker and used a wider range of colours in the palette. So here it is...

The products and colours I was wearing wear were: (click on link to find out more)
Urban Decay Naked 3 palette colours -  Strange, Liar, Darkside and Trick
Eyelure false lashes - Naturalites in black

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Huddersfield Graduate Fashion Show

Last week I went back to my university to see the graduate fashion show. I had to go to complete some work we had been given which I have to hand in on friday. I probably would have gone anyway because I find it useful and interesting to see other people's work and knowing that I will be there in three years time is exciting even though I know it will be hard work. Here are some photos I took while I was there...

This is the university work I had to do for term 3 where I had to illustrate two outfits I saw in the show.

Monday, 23 June 2014


At the weekend I went to my friend Anna's and she kindly took some photos for an outfit of the day post on my blog so this is what I was wearing...

Leather jacket - Miss Selfridge  (bought a few years ago)
Long sleeved red polka dot shirt - New Look  £17.99
Black Leggings - River Island £10

Necklace - H&M £5.99

Flat shoes with bow and cut out pattern detail - Primark £8

Go look at Anna's blog -

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Naked 3 look: 1

So I thought I would do a part on my blog where every so often I would show you all a different make up look using the Naked 3 palette. There are so many looks you can create with this palette and I love experimenting with all the colours as there is no two colours that don't go together. Hope you enjoy looking at the different looks I post.

The colours I used were called liar and strange
This is the other make up I was wearing if you are interested (click on links to find out more)
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Naked 3

Ever since my birthday I have used my urban decay Naked 3 palette. It was something I wanted ever since I saw there was going to be a new one even though I don't have any of the others but looking at all the palettes Naked 3 has my favourite colours. Naked 3 has 12 colours going from light to dark and they all have a pink or rose gold tinge to the colours. I love them as there is a good selection of  both shimmery and matte colours. The palette is £37 and although this sounds quite a lot for eye shadow I think it is good value for money as it is good quality and it would be more expensive to buy 12 single eye shadows. Also it comes with a double ended eye shadow brush and some urban decay primer potion samples.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

This weeks nails

I mentioned in a previous post I love watching you tube videos and quite a lot of the videos I watch are nail art videos. I am obsessed with nail varnish and love painting my nails although while I have been at university I haven't painted them as much as usual. So this week I decided to do a nail design I had seen which you can see how to do here:

This technique is called dry brush nail art. It is nothing like anything I have seen before and I love the effect you can create and its really easy too! This is what my nail look like and the nail varnishes I used
Hope you like it and try it out yourself
from Sophie

The nude base colour

The top coat (would definitely recommend this nail varnish) 

The colours I used were an Essie one called Brazilliant and the rest were Kelly Brook ones which were in a pack of 12  from New Look

Friday, 13 June 2014

Bones inspired dress

The other weekend I moved back home for the summer after my first year of university. I have really enjoyed the year and the course is exactly what I wanted and I am very proud of myself of finally getting to university as the course is something I have always wanted to do and although been more independent was hard to get used to I am pleased I have finally had experience of living away from home. I study fashion design with textiles (BA Hons) in Huddersfield and I wanted to share one of my garments I made this year. It was inspired by bones after we went to the natural history museum in London. I am very happy with it as I worked hard and I got a first for the module it was part of. It was part of my sample development, pattern cutting and manufacturing module which after this year I think is my strong point and enjoy it more than the other modules. I always thought I wanted to be a fashion illustrator but now I think I would quite like the job as a pattern cutter.
This is my dress inspired by bones although try to ignore the fabric i know it has nothing to do with bones but I didn't get to pick it we got given it, anyway hope you like it 
From Sophie

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hair idea - Simple Updo

The other day while I was watching you tube I came across two hair videos which were the same and it was a really pretty updo for short/medium length hair.
These are the two videos i looked at:

And here is the hairstyle on me!

I used a plait hair headband so it blended in with my hair.