Sunday, 20 December 2015

My last five months on Instagram! July - November 2015

So after over five months of not blogging I have decided I really want to get back into it. I can't believe its been that long I have just been so busy with the student placement I am doing at the moment that I just haven't had the time! Also I didn't have the best summer and was not feeling myself. I feel better now but to be honest I just want this year to be over and I am looking forward to the start of a new year!

Today I thought I would share some photos from my Instagram from the past five months. I love Instagram and I have done these types of posts before but as I have said before I like to look back on the photos I take...

It is just a selection of photos because I had 27! From left to right and top to bottom...

1. From my brother's graduation in July.

2. The new bikini and necklace I bought in the Asos sale for my holiday.

3.The Moroccan chickpea soup I made when my friend came to see me.

4. Me and my friend from uni who came to visit as she has now graduated and I don't see her as often as I would like.

5. The amazing lunch I had at a place called The Kitchen in Howden. It was so nice and the crisps came in a mini plant pot which was so cute.

6. Me and my best friend Abbie, really love this photo which was took when we went to see our other best friend in Newcastle in October.

7 and 8. A few arty shots of the cocktails we had in Newcastle at Lola Jeans. Would recommend for cocktails they are so good!

9. Back in Hudds where me and my uni friends when to try Turtle Bay which has opened recently.

10. A new nail Essie nail varnish I bought, I kept seeing it on Instagram and I had to have it. Its called Leggy Legend and is such a pretty colour!

11. I recently had some time off and I went on holiday to Tenerife with my parents. It was just what I needed and the hotel and the views were amazing. I loved every minute and didn't want to come home!

12. Took advantage of duty free and treated myself to the Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume it was still £44 but I saved about £25!

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

This has been my June 2015

I have done this type of post a few times before and I really like them as its nice to look back on the photos of the month. This past month I haven't been up to much other than relaxing before I start my work placement next Monday. I think I am a bit addicted to instagram as I have nearly 500 photos but anyway here are my photos from the month of June...

(from left to right and top to bottom)
1. It was one of my friend's birthday's so I made her a cake, it was chocolate marble cake.
2. I painted my nails a pretty lilac colour (Rita Ora for Rimmel Wild-er-ness) with silver tips.
3. I had a night in with my besties which I really enjoyed especially the prosecco!
4. Me and my two best friends had a Costa in the sun, we had to make the most of it since we don't get many sunny day in the UK. Also if you are a fan of their fruit cooler the new strawberry and watermelon one is so good!
5. After our drinks at Costa we sunbathed and took some photos (see more of them on my OOTD post here)
6. I painted my nails with a nail varnish my Nanna gave me, it is an Avon Mineral Crush one in Amethyst (review coming soon)
7. Me and my bestie Abbie had a baking day which was a success, my favourite thing were the brownies.
8. One of the photos me and my mum had done. it was her mother's day present which she really enjoyed.
9. More photos of me from the photo shoot, I think the black and white ones look amazing!
10. A selfie from the other night when I went out with my family to celebrate my brother's 1st class masters degree! I am very proud of him.
11. A kimono I made to wear in summer, I made use of my sewing skills and it means I have one that is a one of kind!

Even though I haven't done much I have enjoyed spending time with friends and chilling out at home. If you want to follow me on instagram it is


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Zoeva Wishlist

A few weeks ago as I was looking on my Bloglovin feed I came across quite a few reviews on a really pretty eyeshadow palette and I found out that it was from the brand Zoeva. The eyeshadow palette I wanted was the new Cocoa Blend palette and is a palette of warm shades which I love! I had heard of them before but it wasn't until I was looking on Beauty Bay I realised how reasonably priced everything was so today I thought I would do a wishlist of the things I would really like to get at some point...

Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette - £15.50

Rose Golden complete eye set - £56.95

125 Stippling Brush - £11.50

106 Powder Brush - £11.50

105 Luxe Highlighting Brush - £11.50

Thursday, 18 June 2015

OOTD - Monochrome Jumpsuit

Last week I went into the charity shops with my mum and was so happy to find a really nice jumpsuit. I had been looking for one for ages but every time I tried them in the high street shops they never fit me quite right, they were either to long and baggy or not long enough in the body and just didn't look right.

When I tried it on and was surprised to find it fit me I knew I had to get it! It is a TU at Sainsburys one and it actually still had the tags on which said £22 but I got it for just £6.99! I really love it and the fact it was such a bargain is even better!

Jumpsuit - Charity shop £6.99
Black Asos vest top  -  Charity shop £3.99
Shoes - New Look £19.99 (here)
Denim Jacket - Charity shop (can't remember the price)
Black rucksack - Primark £10.00

Earrings - Topshop £6.50 (here)
Diesel sunglasses - TK Maxx £10.00 (here)
Necklace - Pia £26 (here)

(Anna on the left and Abbie on the right)
I wore this outfit last week when my friends came and as all my ootd posts Anna (from the blog Stylishimoto) was my personal photographer. I really love the photos she took especially the close ups. My friend Abbie also has a blog called Ohabbiee.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

My 100th post - The 5 things I love about blogging

I can't believe that today my blog is 1 year old and it is also my 100th post! I started my blog as something to do in my spare time and also a place to put all of my fashion, hair, nails art, make up ideas and other life events.

For my 100th post I am going to right about the 5 things I love about blogging, hope you enjoy and here is to many more years of The Beauty Bouquet!

1. That it is creative, I enjoy playing around with layouts and editing photos.
2. That it allows me to forget about everything for a while and concentrate on writing.
3. I get to write about things that I love, especially make up!
4. It has got me more into reading different blogs because I now have Bloglovin.
5. Thinking of new ideas for blog posts and taking photos.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My top 5 favourite lip products

Today I thought I would do a post on some of my favourite lip products, here are my top 5...

1. Mac Brave Lisptick - £15.50 - This was my first Mac lipstick and most well loved lipstick in my collection, it is the perfect everyday colour.
2. Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose - £2.00 - One of the nicest lip balms I have used, really moisturising and smells so nice too.
3. Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick in 630 Beige a nu - £6.99 - A really pretty colour with a really nice finish.
4. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayon in Raplumsel - £8.00 - A non sticky gloss that is a lovely deep plum shade.
5. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Bang - £15.50 - A really good creamy lipstick in an amazing reddy orange shade.

(from left to right mac brave, soap and glory raplumsel, urban decay bang, loreal beige a nu and nivea raspberry rose)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Summer Outfits

Summer is coming and hopefully we will be able to wear some lovely summer outfits here in the UK, fingers crossed for some sunny weather! Today I thought I would do a post with some inspiration on summer outfits.

Day or night

This outfit would be perfect for both day or night as you could swap the shoes for flats.

 Summer party

 This would be really nice for a night out or even maybe a summer wedding.

Day time casual

An outfit great for during the day with flat shoes and simple jewellery.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Nails of the Week

These nails were ones I did last week but amazingly the design on my thumbs was still on a week later! I did change the colour on my other nails about five days later though. This is a very summery design and was really easy to do. I was inspired by a You tube video (here), but I just changed the colours slightly and the amount of nails I did the design on. Although you don't need any nail art tools I did use a dotting tool for the centre on the flowers but you don't really need to.

For my nails I used these nail varnishes;

Avon Nailwear Pro in Habenero It Girl - £6.00 (not sure you can get it anymore)
Laval Crystal finish nail varnish in Ultra Green - (not sure where I got this from there is a few on Amazon)

Monday, 1 June 2015

This has been my May 2015

I have had quite a busy month this month from finishing my second year of university and moving back home, to my weekend away in Newcastle and also baking and catching up with friends. So on my blog today thought I would share my Instagram photos from the month of May... 

(From left to right and top to bottom)
1. Starbucks with my university friend  Donna, we have one in my university which is great!
2 .I spent the weekend in Newcastle at my Anna's who goes to university there and she made me chicken teriyaki one night which was really nice.
3. My friend Abbie also came and one day we went out for lunch at a place called Quay Ingredient.
4. On the saturday night we went to a plae called The Botanist for tea, I had a steak sandwich and chips and a mojito which is my favorite cocktail! I would really recommend going there its such a lovely place and does really good food and drinks.
(From left to right and top to bottom)
5. Me and my friend Abbie, also known as 'my twinnie' because we are so similar and could be sisters haha!
6. Cocktails at a place called Lola Jeans in Newcastle
7. On the sunday we went for lunch at a place called the Baltic Kitchen.
8. Some photos from our weekend together.
(From left to right and top to bottom)
9. Buns I made at home in some new silicone bun cases I got.
10. My nails I painted using some of Rita Ora's new colours for Rimmel, (post coming soon)
11. Lunch last week with friends at Lucia's.
12. Catch up at Costa with my university friend Hannah. 
13. Selfie from the photoshoot I had at the weekend with the girls in my family which was my Mum's mother's day present, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see the photos this month.

I have really enjoyed the month of May and I can't believe its the start of June today, where does the time go! If you want to follow me on instagram it is 


Also have a look at my friend Anna's blog, Stylishimoto where she did a post about our weekend together.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Boots Botanics Moisturisers Review

A couple of months ago I bought some new moisturisers. I found that the Simple moisturiser wasn't really doing much good for my skin and my face was really quite dry especially near my eyes. I bought these in Boots on my friend's recommendation and because at the time they were half price so I thought I would try them and today I thougth I would do a litle review...

I bought the Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating day and night cream. They are priced at £4.99 each which is really good as they come in 50ml tubs which I think will last quite a while.

The day cream has SPF 15 and claims to hydrate, protect and brighten for 24 hours. The consistency is quite runny but a little goes a long way and it absorbs quite quickly and it really does feel moisturising and is a nice base before make up becuase of the fact it include SPF and it protects the skin all day.

The night cream claims to brighten and hydrate overnight. The consistency is alot different to the day cream and it is quite thick which is perfect for night and it really sinks in and leaves it feeling really hydrated. I wouldn't say either of the creams really brighten but my face feels alot softer and I don't have any dryness.

I really like both of these creams and would recommend them and incase you didn't know alredy but the Botanics range has moisturisers for all skins types. The one that I chose is for normal/dry skin but they also do ones for all skins types, for fine lines and radiance, for deep lines and wrinkles, for oily to combination and for sensitive skin, so next time you need a new moisturiser go to Boots and look at the large range of skin care.

Click here to check out the range online

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Work Clothes Wishlist

In just over a month I am starting a work placement for 13 months. It is part of my university course and I am really looking forward to it as it was one of the reasons I picked my university as they offered a year out to experience what it is like to have a job. Although I know it might be hard I love learning new skills and I am also excited to meet new people.

I will be working in an office environment for most of it and I have been told to dress 'smart casual'. I don't know about you but I have never understood what people mean by that but I guess it means don't wear jeans and don't wear anything you would be seen out in on a saturday night haha! I was actually reading something the other day that said to do the 'smart casual' look it is best to have staple pieces such as a blazer, skirts, shorts and casual shirts in neutral colours. I agree with this as you can mix and match things with plain items and adding a blazer to any outfit instantly makes it look smarter. So here is the few keys items I have had my eye on...

Black pocket front cropped blazer - £24.99 - I actually ended up buying this the other day as I thought if I get any new clothes then a black blazer is a must. I was really happy as I got student discount and the jacket fit me really nice. When I got it home I realised I have the same style jacket in a mint green colour I bought it the sale last year but I know I will get a lot of wear out of both of them. 

Curved hem sleeveless top - £12.99 - Some simple tops I think are a must to just throw on with different bottoms and I like wearing patterned trousers so I think these would look really nice. At the moment I am really wanting something in this khaki colour too, I think it would suit me and is different to what I normally wear.

Black skinny trousers - £22 - I am currently on the hunt for some smart trousers. I want some that are fitted as I can't stand flared ones as they look too much like school trousers. These ones from Next are a perfect example of what I want.

Black crepe sleeveless duster coat - £22.99 - I can't remember where I first saw these but I really love them. I think they are very smart/casual as there are basically a blazer with no sleeves. I can see myself wearing this with patterned trousers or leggings and a coloured top.

Khaki tie waist short - £12.99 - Hopefully this summer we are going to have really nice weather so some shorts are a must. These look a really nice shape and smart enough for work.

Black laser cut pencil skirt - £12.99 - I think a simple black skirt would look really nice in the summer for work with a summery coloured top and pretty flat shoes.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

My New Make Up Storage

So for ages I have been wanting some clear acrylic drawers for my make up stash. I have quite a lot of make up and I was sick of it as it always looked a mess on top of my chest of drawers. I had seen Muji storage and really wanted some but thought it was a little bit expensive. So I searched online at Ebay and Amazon but still couldn't find exactly want I wanted, that was until I went to TK Maxx. I never really go into TK Maxx but I went in with a friend and came across a small section in the store that was acrylic storage. I was so happy to find some sets of drawers which are quite deep and quite tall and for only £12.99 each I decided to get two as I thought this was such good value for money.

It fits all of my make up in with different drawers for small palettes, lipsticks, lip gloss and lip crayons, base and contour products, mascaras and blusher and a final drawer for single eyeshadows and cream eyeshadow sticks. I am so happy it fits everything and I would really recommend looking in your local TK Maxx as you never know what you might find. It is fast becoming my new favourite store!

It keeps it all nice and tidy and out of the way 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Mac Collection so far

I have probably been buying Mac for about a year now. Its not something I buy all the time because I can't afford to but I love it and think the quality is definitely worth the price.

The first thing I bought from Mac was a lipstick. I bought the shade Brave which is a satin finish. I bought it online so had no idea if I would like the colour as I had only looked at swatches online. But when it came I loved it and the colour was perfect for everyday which is what I wanted.

And that is where my love for Mac all started and now I have quite a few products so I thought I would show you what I have...

On swatches photo from top to bottom Sketch, Antiqued and Charcoal Brown

From left to right Plumful, Verve, Brave, Diva
On swatches photo on the left it is swatched and the right it is blended

Mac can be bought from counters in Fenwicks, Debenhams and a few other store and also online at

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Garnier Micellar Water Review

I have been using micellar water to take my make up for a while now so today I thought I would do a little review.

I have used micellar water for just under a year and I have really been liking it. Before I tried this Garnier one I tried the 3 in 1 Nivea micellar water. I did like it but found it left my skin feeling a bit dry. While using that one I kept seeing and hearing good things about the Garnier one so decided to try it and now I haven't really used anything else! It is really effective at taking make up off easily and this one doesn't make my skin dry which is great. In between using this I have been using Bioderma which I picked up when I went to Paris. In my opinion it is very similar to this but a full review of that will be coming soon. The Garnier Micellar Water is £4.99 for a 400ml bottle which I think is such good value for money but it is often on offer at Boots so thats when I stock up although I think the bottle above is probably still my first as I sometimes use other products as I said before but I think it still shows how long it lasts as you don't need a lot. Overall this product is something I really recommend trying!